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SDR USB components

This has been abandoned since in favour of SDR-DSP-components.html.

The Gnuradio v3 from ETTUS.COM is pretty much the same as this one without the Blackfin DSP... (That one uses Analog AD986X (not 9864!) MixFE digitizers and glues them to High-Speed USB-2.0 interface to connect to a PC host.)

Once upon a time I begun to write:

Given that modern personal computers don't anymore have classical serial ASYNC ports, and that audio cards have lots and lots of different incarnations (not to mention lousy timing accuracy):

A simple universal(ish) adapter to connect computer to baseband radio (e.g. audio of a multimode rig) would have:

The original story continues way further down below, but current plan is: This card can run stand-alone (uC)linux, and do fancy things all by itself, but it can also be used in dummy mode to act as remote audio card.

On mezzanine cards (those SPORT slots), various ideas:

Eagle CAD material at:

This is rather obviously a triplet of:


Other somewhat related (or not) things

Some construction ideas